Harry still believes that the ship overtakes the gun to win the league

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Harry Redknapp is confident Manchester City will be able to overtake Arsenal to win the Premier League title this season.

At present, “Cannon” is 5 points ahead of Pep Guardiola’s team, plus he still plays less than 1 game, but Redknapp still thinks that City’s strength is still superior and if Arsenal Ol has a bad main character, it’s the same thing.

Harry “Arsenal are playing great football. The football ufabet they are playing and the team looks very well balanced,” Redknapp told Menny Talk. “Degaard is real. I like the way he plays. They have class and they look solid in defense. Ramsdale did well.”

“I don’t know, I still feel Man City will win the title, I think they can bridge the gap with Arsenal so it will be very close, Arsenal will be chased but the only team that can You don’t want to chase you, it’s Man City!”

“If someone is chasing you I’d probably say ‘let’s go’ but Man City are very dangerous just look at their bench, Dias and Foden are not playing neither of them. Better than playing against any team in the Premier League.”

“The changes that Pep Guardiola makes all over the pitch are ridiculous, I think if Arsenal had two or three injuries it would be a big problem for them.”